Thursday, 12 May 2016

Announcing my NEW 'Mason Jar Mini' Collection!

As some of you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook - you would of noticed I've been rolling along on my #100daysofpainting journey.  I have been diligently carving out time to paint everyday at some point.  With three boys, a full schedule of sports, school, house-work and life, it's been an eye-opener to say the least.  I have changed my mindset of it being "work and a chore" to a time spent to grow, worship and and enjoy simply the creative process, no matter what they may look like.
In the last 23 days of creating, I did a mini "mason jar" series of twelve 6 x 6 inch paintings.  They were strictly painted for fun.  I love mason jars!  Why not paint a bunch of them as a cute drink series.  They are bright, whimsical and a fun.
This collection is perfect for a little pop of colour in any space.  They are adorable to spice up a kitchen for the summer.  Collect a few of them to create a fun gallery wall, or place them among other art and photo's if you wish.   They are a great way to switch up your decor to welcome in spring/summer.  Perfect for a vacation home or to give as a gift to someone special to say "Cheers!"  
They are now available for purchase as:
as well as a collection of fine art prints on canvas.  
Have fun mix and matching your own custom collection!  A perfect piece to welcome in summer or give as a gift.
Here's to mason jars and summer drinks!  CHEERS! 
Stay tuned for more #100daysofpainting...